Saturday, February 7, 2009

We find we have plenty of spare time these days. Here are some pictures of our last couple of trips to the Oregon Coast and Seattle.

We like each other a lot.
I snapped this picture of bright and shiny Seattle from a dock on the waterfront.
This is a beach at Cape Kiwanda, Oregon. It's the same beach we stayed at on our honeymoon.
Yep, we stopped in Forks. This is the high school. The very one.
What a beaut'! Note that Ryan is completely soaked (as was I) from going fishing in that super-duper vessel he's standing by.
This is a gorgeous rain forest on the Olympic Peninsula. This boardwalk is 3 miles long and goes all the way to the ocean.
A pretty impressive squash, no?
We posed with this crispy mummy in a curiosity shop in Seattle.
A walk on the wild side for the McLean family.
Plenty of Jellyfish at the aquarium.

Ryan is in a tube going through the shark tank. He is very brave and impetuous.

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