Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why We Like Fall:

1. Pink plaid flannel shirts

2. Bundling up in cute layers to go outside (Come on, you know you like it too)

3. Flowers in the yard are at their biggest and bestest

4. Beanies

5. No more sunburns, so mom takes you to the park any hour of the day! (We have freakishly fair skin)

6. Mittens

7. Lots of yummy things to pick in the yard (although these purple string beans are quite low on the yummy list)

There you have it. Fall is extra-awesome.


  1. Rosie is so precious in that shirt!!!

  2. Thanks! I love it do death, but the comment we usually get from people (after they tell us what a handsome little man we have) is, "Well why the heck did you dress him like a boy if he's a girl?" No joke.