Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Forgot to tell you we had a baby

 Meet Miles. A few days before Thanksgiving, he was pushed, pulled, and vacuumed into the world. He was pretty beat up with lots of bruises, an injured shoulder, and broken collar bone, but thankfully he healed fast and doesn't seem to be holding any grudges for that very rude welcome to mortality.

 In fact, he's very sweet and easy to get along with. And handsome. And smoochable.

And soft and snuzzley and and fuzzy and delightful, but I'll stop there.

And because I haven't posted since spring, here are a few catch-up photos showing what the kiddos have been up to over summer, fall, and winter:

  We went to the zoo and got a scraped nose

 We played in the rain (that one time it rained this summer)

 We had a birthday, shout hooray

 We had Halloween

 Most charming butterfly/turtle duo in town

 We played in the snow, and ate the snow

And grew bigger and snugglier every minute

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  1. It's so fun to see an update on your beautiful family! Life sounds like it should e. Busy with babies! Happy New Year!!