Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two years of US!

In honor of our second anniversary, I thought I'd document our entire relationship from the beginning. Hold onto your hats.

We meet! Actually, this is a little while after we met. The first time we really met was on a plane flying out of Detroit, but we didn't find each other again for about a month after. This picture was taken in December '06, about a week after we started dating.

We didn't dilly-dally. By February, we were engaged. This picture was taken at Provo Temple about an hour after Ryan asked me to marry him. I said yes.

We were married in the Boise Temple on April 28, 2007. This is my favorite picture of our wedding day. We both look so excited we're about to pop.

We honeymooned at Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon coast. We both happened to have the same favorite vacation spot when we were kids, so picking a location wasn't hard.

We've been pretty thick ever since, having good times . . .

. . . and angry times . . .

. . . windy times . . .

. . . having adventures . . .

. . . and generally just enjoying each other's company.

And here we are today!


  1. so jen...that's a nice photo and all...but where's the rest? hmmm??? i request at least 6 more of you and ryan, and then the same amount of your new/old house.


    hey, i didn't know it was your anniversary...that's wonderful! for some reason i was thinking it was later in the summer. oh well, to celebrate i think i will make a really mediocre dish for dinner! wish me luck! (withOUT the luck, it will just end up plain old baaad.)

  2. Hurray for the adventure of married life! I love this!

  3. Jenay!!!!!!!!! I found you!!!! I am so excited. :-)

  4. Jenay!! Kenna helped me stalk you - I have been wanting to visit forever, but didn't know how to get a hold of you! Looks like you are having a blast. Are you still in Provo? My blog is here:
    www.burgeneradventures.blogspot.com come visit please! Love ya!
    Kylie Jackson Burgener

  5. Jenay!!! I'm so glad I found you on Kenna's blog! How are you? Are you still living in Idaho? When are you coming to Utah? I would love to talk and catch up. I don't have a blog, but give me a call. 503-970-7720


  6. I totally should have memorialized our relationship on our anniversaries! It looks like your two years are well on their way to be as good as our three!! Love you!!