Friday, March 26, 2010

Bigger and Better

This girl is finally starting to fill out, and she's getting squishier by the minute.

We really like her.

Rose loves this little bear suit she got from Grandma McLean. It's so warm and fuzzy she can't help but fall asleep once it's on.

Here's Rose just entertaining herself, which she does a lot.

So, I forgot to rotate this one, sorry. This is her in a very lovely dress made by my mom. She was getting pretty sick of wearing church clothes by this point, so I'm afraid this is the best we got.

This is when Rose was about a week old and very scrawny. Here she is barely filling out a preemie-sized outfit. Fortunately, my milk came in and she puffed right up.


  1. AAaaaaw, Jen! I like your baby so very, very much! Oh, so very much! And you know how I keep telling you how I can't wait to buy our girls matching dresses...well, it looks like my job is done. I just bought that same dress for Eden last week!

  2. Levi loved the video. He talked back. Hello baby Rose! She's beautiful.

  3. What a sweetheart! She is absolutely beautiful and I wish I was there to enjoy her! Hopefully we will find a few days to come visit this summer!

  4. So cute you guys, congratulations and good work! -Jason

  5. Jenay, she is so precious! I'm glad I found your blog again! You look fabulous. I bet you're having fun being a mommy. I can't wait to join you! Just 12 more weeks!