Saturday, September 4, 2010

I should just re-name this blog after our baby . . .


  1. Rose is such a cutie!!! Looks like you are enjoying parenthood. :) BTW if you would like to check out our family blog it is

  2. She looks so cute in her little jeans! (I look cute in jeans, too...but not that cute.) JOKE.

    And she looks dangerously close to growing some hair up top! She really is such a sweet little fuzzy baby!

  3. JENAY!! You wrote a comment on Cassie's blog and when I saw your name attached to your comment I was SO excited!! HOW ARE YOU? You have a baby!!? She is beautiful- and I love the name Rose. I just bet you are the greatest mom- calm and always collected...right? :) Its great to see an update on you guys! Shoot me an email with your email and I will add you to our blog list. (Only if you want)

    Also if you your email tell me all about being a mom. Do you love it? Is she sleeping well? Colicky? Any secrets?

    Sure hope you guys are doing great! Hope to hear from you soon.. o yeah, where are you guys living?

  4. Jenay, she looks just like you! Such a beauty! :) What are you up to these days? Other than being a Mommy. :)

  5. Ohhh!! I love my little niece!! You guys need to post more pictures, this is the only way I get to see her! Love you guys!

    Aunt Kari