Monday, October 4, 2010


Rose has been practicing feeding herself. She mastered crackers first, then squished up grapes, and now she does tomatoes and bread. That pancake never knew what hit it. I've been getting the dishes done more often now that she likes to sit in her chair ripping things up and eating them.

Our little baby mermaid has always loved her baths, but recently she has discovered the Big Tub. She thinks it's far superior to the kitchen sink for severed reasons: One, lots more kicking room. Two, she doesn't bonk her noggin so much. Three, you can fit more toys in it. Four, it echos nicely when you scream. The list goes on and on.

I leave for one minute . . .
Ryan is trying to work up to saying "no" to her. He's not quite there. He's in favor of the good cop/bad cop approach in which he gets to be the good cop. All the time. (On a side note, look at those lovely big blue eyes!)

This baby loves to go to the park with us. She gets really super excited about the birds and doesn't even mind when they poop on her head. Really. It happened. Her new favorite thing is swinging on the swings. We're kind of nervous about her obvious addiction to adrenalin. She laughed and laughed when we first put her in, and the higher we pushed her the louder the squeals got.


  1. She is soooooooo cute! You should bring her down here for a visit!

  2. She is growing so fast! Too cute!

  3. What a doll baby!! I love her cheeks and wish I could kiss them! :)

  4. Oh my beautiful little Rose! I just love her smile! I wish you guys could be closer so I could be around to watch her grow!