Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Baby

We are having an awesome summer here in the lovely Nampa, Idaho. Ryan gets off at 3 every day, so it almost feels like every day is a vacation. Rose gets lots of Dad time these days. I get a lot more Dad time too! Hooray for dads!
This Forth of July started out pretty good this year with a nice jump on the bed and a trip to the park.
But then Mom and Dad had the gall to set off some fireworks in the driveway.
It was terrifying, to say the least.
She eventually forgave us.


She's over it now.

Oh, and Jamie, here's the picture of that delightful meal I promised. It was delish.

And I couldn't help adding this one. I've always had this burning desire to have a little girl and dress her in flowered long johns. Today, my dreams came true. She pulls it off nicely, don't you think?


  1. I love Rose...such a sweet muffin. And that food looks divine! Cook it for me next time I'm there, please, please, please! (I'll let you hold my squishy baby)