Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Goodbye tax season!

Holy cow I'm so glad I don't have to cook two meals for like ten people every morning anymore! OK, it's out of my system.

But are you seeing this? Look how cute my kid is!

Rose is loving Spring. We go to the park just about every day, where she tries to swim with the ducks and eat the pine cones.

Her hair is finally long enough to clip the tiniest barrette ever made in it. It was a big mother-daughter moment for me when something finally stayed in that wispy blond fuzz.

This is the Seattle Zoo, which is a lot bigger and a lot more jungle-ish than the one in Boise, if you can believe it. Despite the look on her face in this photo, Rose loved it. We did notice, though, that she was just as excited about the ducks as she was about the tigers and gorillas, if not more so. That's my girl. A budding ornithologist.

This picture makes her look very helpful in the garden. Do not be deceived. Mostly she likes to pick my flowers and sneak rocks into her mouth.

Further proof that she does, in fact, have hair and it is getting longer.


  1. So wait...did you move to Seattle, or just take a trip there? I'm a little behind on your life events. :) And yes, your daughter is adorable!!

  2. She's getting so big! And cuter than ever! :)