Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Here's to Seedlings and Potty Pants

See my babies? I've been coaxing these little seedlings to life in my chilly attic for the past two months, and today they were finally big enough to plant outside. If all goes well we'll have tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, thyme, pink zinnias, and buttercream marigolds in a couple of months! Ok, the tomatoes may take a little longer because they are still very puny in their little milk jug greenhouses, but I have high hopes for July. Should have started them earlier. Oh well. In case anyone is wondering if transplanting delicate seedlings is one of those family activities you can have your charming maniac two-year-old help with, let me just say NOT IF YOU ASK THE SEEDLINGS.  I'm pretty sure some of them perished under her helpful hands.  And feet.

 Speaking of the maniac. . . we have recently taken the plunge into the world of potty training. Oh boy. Hold on to your hats. Any fantastic advice, anyone? I'd like to get this all wrapped up before we start changing ten little newborn diapers per day this September. When this little creature I've got growing inside me kicks and swirls around in circles, making me feel kinda like I'm going down the big hill on a roller coaster, half the time all I can think about is "Gotta get Rose into big girl panties, gotta get Rose into big girl panties. . "

FYI: We will find out if Rose gets a brother or a sister on May 2. 


  1. at least she's a cute maniac, right? (kinda like me)

  2. So fun. :) I had no idea your in-laws were from Seattle, any chance of a visit in the next few years??

    1. We're going this June, and we usually go at least twice a year, so we'll look you up once you're settled! Did I mention I'm super-jealous that you're moving there?