Friday, February 8, 2013

There's a little mother-gorilla inside us all

Ok, I know, I'm a little behind on the blogging. I actually have a very good reason, which I will explain later, but right now I need to tell the world (or at least the 7 followers of this blog) the totally blog-worthy experience I had this morning.

Even though I could definitely write for a couple of hours about every detail, I will spare you by keeping this long story short. Suffice it to say, Rose and I found ourselves locked outside early this morning, in our jammies and ballet flats, in six inches of snow, in below-freezing weather, and Rose had to pee, and little baby Leo was inside on my bed just squirming awake from his long winter's nap. Yep, all the doors and windows securely locked. Also the gate to the back yard. Yep, forgot the combo to the padlock. Had to scale the slick, icy, six-foot fence just to find out the windows in the back yard were locked too.  Oh, then I remember the spare key I hid in the back yard, so I grab it, unlock the front door, and bang! The child lock (which I locked during my shower an hour before) keeps it from opening more than a centimeter. Then there's poor Rosie-pie (shut in the car to keep from freezing) crying that she needs her potty and her feet are cold. I totally hand her a little snack-cup I find under the seat and tell her to pee in that and don't spill. I knock on neighbor's doors, no answer. Try to flag down cars, but I guess I look too much like a drug addict and/or crazy person by this time, because nobody stops. So I yell to a lady taking pictures in the park and beg her for a cell phone and she's like, "Ummmm, why do you need it?" and I scream/sob at her that one of my babies is screaming his head off in the house and one is freezing to death in the car and I need to call SOMEONE to get me into my house. So she shuffles off as fast as she can to find her phone (which she left home) and tells me she'll call 911 for me. All of the sudden I get this adrenalin rush and I think that maybe I can just hurl myself repeatedly against the door like a mother gorilla separated from its young and maybe the lock will break off and the door will open. So I do, and it does. YES. I open the car door to get Rose, and she's sitting there, half-naked, clutching her little pee-filled cup and proudly telling me she didn't spill at all. Good kid. It's OK, lady who doesn't carry a cell phone, I got it. We're good.  I go grab my hungry, hungry screaming Leo and all is well.

I promise that was the short version. And now for some updated pictures of my very attractive kids (notice the last one is Rose "feeding" her doll.)


  1. First: hahahahahahahaha!!! Best blogging story ever.
    Second: WOW girl! Nice going. :)

  2. Yay for Rose and her cup-peeing skills!

  3. That is quite a story. I'm so glad you are strong and broke into your house. I had a similar experience once which I will share with you sometime. And that is impressive that Rose could pee in a cup, that takes skill! Your kids are so darn cute!

  4. At least you usually keep the mother gorilla inside. I'm still trying to stuff mine in. Well done!

  5. Choon I didn't know that you had such fine mother "gorilla instincts"!