Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Has it really been that long?

Man oh man, it's been a while since I posted anything anywhere. It's true, blogging is not exactly on the top of my priority list when I get a spare minute to do something I want to do. If there is ever a minute or two free from my wonderful babies, and I don't need to clean/garden/cook/do primary secretary stuff/etc, I admit I would much rather work on getting my up-cycled furniture business ready to launch, edit my new book I'm working on, make a milkshake with my new extra-awesome blender, or take a nap. And then there's my husband, who I am also very fond of and would love to spend time with. We haven't seen him a whole lot this year, what with his grad school, two jobs, and a challenging internship (sometimes all four of those things at the same time. . . eek!).  Even with all that pressing on him, he still finds time to do things like hold my hand at the doctor while I get a scary biopsy (don't worry, false alarm) and occasionally hold my hand while we sneak delicious things into the movie theater. By the way, Man of Steal: awesome. I cried just a little.

Here's a nice photo dump of my aforementioned wonderful babies:


  1. They are just precious! I am intrigued: upcycled furniture and writing books? You are superwoman!

  2. Super Cute pics of the kidlets Jenay-nay!

  3. Sounds like you have the busy life of a young mother. Enjoy those darling little ones, they sure do grow up fast! Wish we
    could be to the reunion so we could get to know them but it isn't going to work out. Keep posting pictures, we love them!