Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Plan

We've spent the past few months painting the house, switching out old bathroom fixtures, and selling everything we can think of out of this big old house. Yep, we are planning to move! Yesterday we held our first (gigantic) yard sale and got rid of so much stuff that our house feels all empty and echoing like it did when we moved in. That yard sale wore me out so much it made me feel old. (I am kind of old; I'm turning 27 next Sunday.)           

So here's the plan: Ryan starts his last semester of his master's program tomorrow. Then we sell the house some time in the next few months, and stay with my very hospitable parents for a little while. If Ryan gets a job he likes in Boise, we'll find a place to rent around here, hopefully in our same ward, since I was just put in as Young Women's President (eek!). Then we'll save our pennies while Ryan tries very very hard to get a job in Olympia, WA so we can buy ourselves a nice big chunk of forest and live happily ever after in a beautiful green paradise less than an hour from the ocean, and also less than an hour from Ryan's family (yay!). If Ryan does not find anything good in Boise, we'll expedite the whole Olympia plan and move there asap. Who knows? Maybe by January we'll be living in a place that looks like this:

Which, by the way, is a picture of our recent camping trip to Grayland Beach in Washington. Sigh. We love it there.

Meanwhile, I keep getting all weepy thinking about leaving our big beautiful creaky house. I am trying not to get carried away thinking about how my Rose learned to walk in this kitchen, how this is the place my babies have slept and dreamed every night for the last three years, or how long it took me to get the carpet looking nice again after this bloody little episode:

Good grief, this floor has so much of Rose's DNA in it, it's practically one of the family. Ok, so I'm not trying very hard not to get carried away. We love our house, and we will be sad to leave it. But it is happening, and we are way more excited than sad.

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  1. Yes!! To moving to Olympia. :) Then I can come visit your paradise, and most importantly you! I was sad we didn't get to see you this trip, but I totally get how busy it can be. Next time!