Thursday, January 6, 2011

Still here!

Ya, we're still around. We've been traveling hither and thither having a very nice holiday season, but now we're back home and except for the teething drama we've been steeped in for the last two weeks, things are starting to go back to normal.

Let's see . . . news . . . Ryan did great on his GRE last month and now he's pouring all his energies into looking for a different job. Now that Rose is going to bed earlier, he hardly ever gets to see his sticky little princess. He is also still working hard at being executive secretary in our ward.

I'm still at home taking care of the kiddo and keeping pretty busy with my calling in the Young Womens and trying to get my book written. The way it's going, I think I'm going to use a pen name and make people guess which one I wrote (if anyone even wants to publish it--ha ha). I'm not sure I'm brave enough to put my name on the thing. We'll see.

I'm going to be even busier pretty soon since I just took a part-time temporary position to make lunch for an accounting firm every day during tax season. It will only be two hours at lunchtime on weekdays, and I can bring Rose along, so it doesn't sound like too big of a commitment. I hope they're not picky eaters. It's so depressing cooking for picky people. Good thing Rose eats anything not nailed down.

Speaking of my rolly polly Rosie, here are some pictures of her at Grandma McLean's house:

She loved being the star of the show. Any time there was a crowd gathered, she turned on her squishy-cheeked charm.So fun to see Daddy finally!

New jammies from Grandma!
This is us back home having a nice dinner prepared by Dad (Rose's dad, not mine). Rose loves to feed herself these days. It's always a conundrum; do I feed her myself and keep her clean, or do I let her do it so I can eat my food? My stomach usually wins out and I end up washing the baby, the chair, the tray, the floor, the walls, the bib, etc after we're done. Oh well. I'm pretty sure I remember my child development professors saying something about how making messes develops their brain and motor skills. Sounds right. Her brain seems to be doing well.


  1. She is so precious! I remember when Chandler was that age, and I was so overwhelmed with the constant food mess. At first I thought I could handle it with wet wipes, then I moved on to wash cloths, then I finally came up with the dunk-child-under-faucet method I still use today. Kind of a stress reliever, too. Aaaah, the memories.

    I'm excited about your book, Jen. I hope you come up with a good pen name, but I'm still going to read it. :)

  2. Hooray! Good to see what you guys are up to. GRE success = possibly moving closer to your favorite old roommate?? I have my fingers crossed. I also suddenly have a great desire to be an you can cook ME lunch every day. Oh, how I miss that bread...and the desserts...Good luck with everything!